Understanding Frequency & How to Use An Equalizer (EQ)

The basics of frequency, and using an equalizer. Prepared for in-studio and online classes at Lil' Drummaboy Recordings (Philadelphia, PA) @ LDB10.COM.

Logic Pro 9 Tutorial - Mixing Techniques (Part #1)

General Mixing techniques used for mixing any type of music. This video goes over useful plug-ins and then how to efficiently mix your song using the volume sliders in the mixing window.

How to Create the "Tape Stop" Effect in Logic Pro X

In this video I will show you how to create the Tape Stop effect in Logic Pro X.

Logic Pro X Markers

How to create and use markers in Apple's Logic Pro X digital audio workstation. Professionals use markers to quickly navigate projects; this video shows you how to get started with markers.

Logic Pro X tutorial: Experimenting with your tempo using Varispeed

Experiment quickly and easily with the tempo of your audio mix to find the pacing that works best using the Varispeed feature in Logic Pro X. In this tutorial, Dot Bustelo explains how to use Varispeed.

Logic Pro X Tutorial: Dealing With Latency - Why Does My Guitar Sound So Delayed?

Is latency killing your guitar tracks? In this video from www.GuitarIQ.com we talk about a couple of key ways to deal with latency in Logic Pro X. 'Latency' refers to the small timing delay between what we play and what we actually hear back through our monitors. Although this issue can be especially frustrating for guitar players, rest assured there is a low latency solution!